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ON PAUSE: Three Months that Changed New York

Charlie Bennet & Helena Gustavsson

A chronicle of the New York City lockdown, with striking photographs of an empty Manhattan, coupled with personal experiences from New Yorkers, detailed facts on how the city was affected by Covid-19, and reflections on scientific challenges, pandemic art, and burning social issues.


ON PAUSE: Three Months that Changed New York


Stay at home.
Don’t see anyone.
Only leave the house if you really have to.


Covid-19 hit New York City with incredible force and closed the city down. In March 2020, Governor Cuomo declared that “New York is on pause.” Soon the city’s deserted avenues, bridges and train stations became a global symbol of the ravages of the pandemic and our attempts to escape it.

Charlie Bennet’s striking photographs revoke a unique time in the city that never sleeps. The pictures show beautiful, serene, quiet spaces. ON PAUSE also collects personal stories from New Yorkers who stayed during the three months when everything changed. The book also takes a look at objects, debates, culture, habits and social movements that defined the period.

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